Fuel price support in France continues until end of 2022

Petrol fuel cap

THE French government has announced it will continue to support the price of fuel to individuals and businesses until the end of the year.

A phased series of price support will be put in place over the coming months, with a cut of 30 cents per litre, after tax, coming into force from 1 September, 2022 until the end of October.

From 1 November until 31 December, 2022, the price cut will be reduced to 10 cents per litre, with the financial support set to come to an end in the new year.

Which fuel will see prices cut?

The government’s price support will occur, like previous measures, at the petrol pump or fuel supplier, with the price on the screen the price you will pay.

Fuel suppliers are then recompensed at a later date taking into account the amount of fuel actually delivered to customers.

The fuels affected by the price cuts include diesel, as well as petrol SP95/98-E5, SP-95-E10 and superéthanol E85.

It is possible to track down fuel prices in France near you with an online service from the government that compiles the latest prices at forecourts and displays then on a map you can search.

Last Updated on 28 June, 2023.

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By Craig McGinty

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