Warning triangle and high-vis jackets required

Renault Super 5

FROM July 1, 2008, all cars in France will be required to carry a warning triangle and high visibility jacket which must be used in the event of breakdown.

The official Securite Routiere website says the rules have brought France in line with other European countries.

Both the jacket and triangle have to conform to EU standards, and the jacket has to be worn by the driver when they exit the car while the triangle has to be placed at least 30 metres from the vehicle.

Failure to have a triangle or jacket in your car will mean a fine of €90 for each offence and the Securite Routiere website says that motoring supply shops and supermarkets will stock items.

Also from September 1 cyclists will be required to wear high visibility jackets when outside towns during the night or when visibility is poor.

Last Updated on 9 July, 2023.

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By Craig McGinty

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