Ten quiz questions about France

Soeur EmmanulleJUST how good is your knowledge of France, both covering events from the present day to looking back over the past?

Well have a go at the questions posed by author Andrew Whittaker, who compiled the book Speak the Culture: France, to see how much you really know.

The list of questions are below, with the answers further down.

Speak the Culture: France Quiz Questions 

1. What did former Spanish Prime Minster José Maria Aznar recently deny in an official statement to the French media?
2. Which day of the year does France celebrate la Journée de l’Europe?
3. How many gold medals did France win at the Beijing Olympics? (Clue: it was 12 fewer than Great Britain.)
4. Who is Catherine Millet?
5. Why did the publication of photographs showing Taliban fighters by Paris Match stir controversy in 2008?
6. What is the difference between Vintage and Non-Vintage champagne?
7. Which French actress starred alongside Daniel Craig in the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale?
8. Who, born Madeleine Cinquin in November 1908, and recently voted France’s sixth most popular personality in a newspaper poll, published her memoirs in August?
9. Who contributed the breathy female vocals to Serge Gainsbourg’s 1968 hit Je t’aime…moi non plus?
10. Which novelist turned film director made his cinematic debut in 2008 with an adaptation of his own book, La Possibilité d’une île?


Speak the Culture: France Quiz Answers 

  1. That he fathered the as yet unborn child of Rachida Dati, French Justice
  2. May 9
  3. Seven
  4. Author of the hugely successful La Vie sexuelle de Catherine M, who released her second book, Jour de Souffrance, in August?
  5. The fighters were wearing the uniforms of dead French soldiers
  6. Vintage champagne is blended from wines produced in a single, vintage year. Non-Vintage is blended from wines across various years.
  7. Eva Green
  8. Soeur Emmanuelle, a nun dubbed ‘the French Mother Theresa’.
  9. Jane Birkin
  10. Michel Houellebecq

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