Map of UK flights to Bergerac Airport for summer 2024

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FLYING from the UK to Bergerac Airport opens up the Dordogne and all that it offers to you, as well as many of the surrounding départements.

For summer 2024 there are a number of flights from across England to Bergerac, plus the return of a flight from Scotland although sadly nothing is available for those flying from Ireland.

Rent a car when driving in France

Ryanair is offering the greatest number of flights this year, with and British Airways also providing flights to Bergerac.

Bergerac Airport is still a small operation considering its popularity, especially in the summer, so you might face a short delay whilst going through passport control, especially now that British visitors will require their passports to be stamped.

There are a number of car hire options available at the airport, but its location on the main arterial road, the N21, means you can quickly be off driving into the Dordogne, or the surrounding Lot-et-Garonne and Gironde départements.

One thing to remember about driving either to or from Bergerac Airport is that the distances involved in driving across the Dordogne can make what appears to be a bargain flight, turn into a long haul trek across country.

Bergerac Airport flight map

Bergerac flight map 2024


London Stansted
East Midlands

Leeds Bradford

British Airways

London City
Southampton (BA offers connecting flights from Southampton)



Airport parking

Car parking options at Bergerac Airport are available, with a larger area providing long-term parking, although if you are away for a long period of time it will most probably be better to get a taxi or a friend to drop you off.

Rent a car when driving in France

There is also a short stay parking area that is suitable for dropping friends off, there is no longer the option to use a short section of road to drop off or pick-up people from directly in front of the doors into the departure area.

This has been closed off and can only be access by registered taxi drivers.

Cheap flight tips

You can make your search for cheap flights to France a little easier by being flexible on your dates of travel, and if possible book one to three months in advance.

If you are able to take a midweek flight they are generally cheaper then weekend travel, also travel early morning or around noon to get cheaper flights.

Remember if you arrive at your destination late in the day then public transport might be limited, and double-check that the day of your arrival is not a public holiday as again transport options could be limited.

Keep your eyes open for extra fees and charges especially when paying with a credit card, and if possible travel with just hand luggage as bags placed in the hold will face a charge.

Ultimately if you find a good price for a flight to France then book it, even if you change your mind later, it may be just a few pounds you lose.

Rent a car when driving in France

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