Real time maps of water levels in French rivers

The river Dordogne in France during the summer
The level of the river Dordogne and others in France can be mapped

THE north east corner of France has experienced very heavy rain over the past few days, with many rivers bursting their banks and flooding local homes.

There is an Environment Ministry website that is particularly focussed on rivers and the dangers of flooding, its Carte de Vigilance “crues” provides a snap shot of areas that might be at risk.

If you hover your mouse over the different areas of the map and click, this takes you through to more detail for individual rivers and water courses that shows the levels at various measuring stations.

At the opposite extreme with summer temperatures on the rise, a different mapping service is available that provides information on water restrictions.

And if you want to check the water quality coming out of your tap in France, then an online service is available for you to look over.

Last Updated on 21 June, 2023.

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By Craig McGinty

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