Dordogne airports and driving distances

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Driving across the Dordogne

YOUR best airport for flying to the Dordogne will very much depend upon where you are staying because it is one of the largest départements in France.

The Dordogne can take a good three hours to drive across, so whilst you think you might have saved money on your flights by landing at a ‘cheaper’ airport, if you have to add on the cost of travel to your final destination you could have lost out in the long run.

Rent a car when driving in France

So if we use for example Périgueux, found close to the centre of the Dordogne as our target destination what distances are we looking at for driving to the town from airports in the south west of France?

Bergerac Airport

Summer flights to Bergerac Airport from the UK and the Netherlands are common so many people flying to the Dordogne will land here.

It is found to the south of Bergerac and is a small airport that accommodates thousands of holidaymakers every summer, but also those visiting family and friends back in the UK or those still with business and work there.

The distance from Bergerac to Périgueux is around 50kms, so less than an hour’s drive along main roads and with plenty of places to stop for a break on the way if necessary.

Recently Begerac Airport has also started a summer bus service that connects to other towns and villages in south west France.

Limoges Airport

Found in the Haute-Vienne, Limoges Airport opens up options if you are planning on going to the north of the Dordogne.

It is around 100kms from Périgueux, so you are looking at around a two hour drive, but if you are staying close to the Périgord-Limousin Regional Nature Park then Limoges is your best option.

Brive Airport

The inauguration of Brive Airport was on 15 June, 2010 and it has slowly established itself as an alternative route to the north and eastern side of the Dordogne, as well as the higher reaches of the Dordogne valley.

It is not as popular as Bergerac so you are not guaranteed regular links to the UK will be operating year after year, much depends upon the willingness of airlines to provide flights to Brive.

As for driving to Périgueux, you are looking at a little over an hour covering a distance of 75kms.

Bordeaux Airport

The international Bordeaux-Merignac Airport is one of the largest in France and offers flights to destinations around the world.

A key point about the airport is that it is found to the west of Bordeaux, so you have to get round the city first before heading towards the Dordogne and whilst there is a ring road tolls are payable on some sections.

As for distance, Périgueux is 150kms away so you will need to plan for about a three hour drive, as long as you don’t bump into any traffic problems round Bordeaux.

Toulouse-Blagnac Airport

I would say that Toulouse Airport is about the limit of places to fly to if you are driving north towards the Dordogne.

The distance to Périgueux is 260kms meaning a drive of around four hours, which is a bit long in the summer months, although the vast majority of the trip can be done on autoroutes.

If you are planning on staying around the southern reaches of the Dordogne, and Bergerac airport is not an option, the distance is a little more manageable at around 150kms, so approximately a little over a two and a half hour drive.

Whilst summer flights to the Dordogne are usually many and varied, you might want to double-check just how far your ultimate destination is from the airport.

Because, that bargain priced flight might not look as attractive as you thought if you still have a long drive in front of you upon arrival.

Rent a car when driving in France

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