Amazon France to increase Prime annual fee by 42%

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Amazon Prime France price increased

AMAZON France has announced that it is to increase the annual price of its Prime subscription service from 49 € to 69,90 €, an increase of just over 42%.

If you pay monthly then you will also see a spike in price, from 5,99 € to 6,99 €, this is an increase of just under 17%.

Amazon France has said that the increase in fees has been caused by a rise in the costs of running the Prime service, and I would imagine that covers increases in packaging and transportation costs.

Amazon France Prime improvements

In an email announcing the Prime price increase, Amazon France said it has worked to offer a better service and looked to increase the range of products covered by the next day Prime delivery service.

They also say that the range of video, reading and music titles on offer will be improved, with more series and original programmes promised as well as continued access to the French Open at Roland-Garros, but an additional subscription will still be necessary to watch the Ligue 1 football.

Amazon France has said the increased fees will be brought in as members’ contracts come up for renewal from 15 September 2022.

Amazon UK Prime increase

UK users of Amazon Prime have also seen prices rise, although the percentage increases are smaller, the monthly fee has risen by 12.5% and the annual cost has increased by 20%.

Cancel Amazon France Prime

If you think this price increase is too much and you want to cancel your Prime subscription then you will need to log in to your Amazon account and then continue through to the Prime section.

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There you will be able to see when your subscription runs out plus there is an option to be sent a reminder three days before the date, giving you a change to think about whether you want to cancel Prime or not.

Last Updated on 11 July, 2023.

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