Roam-like-at-home scheme offers cost protection

IF you use a French mobile phone operator, or any other from the EU, then you will be able to make calls, text and surf abroad without paying extra charges for another ten years.

The EU has improved its mobile roaming regulations, its so-called ‘Roam-like-at-home’ scheme, promising travellers in the EU and the EEA no additional charges for using their EU-based operators across borders.

British travellers fall outside these protections and so many people will face increased roaming charges for using their mobile phones whilst travelling in France and other EU countries.

However, people in the EU who plan to travel to the UK should check with their own operators if there are any additional charges for using calls, text or the internet once over the Channel.

EU roaming rules

The Roam-like-at-home scheme will be in operation until 2032 and one of the newest rules will ensure that people receive the same internet speeds when they are using their phone at home as when they are travelling in other EU countries.

So if your phone operates using 4G, or in some cases 5G, when at home if those speeds are available in the country you are travelling to then you are entitled to the same speeds and will not have to put up with a second class service.

Roaming surcharges

Another new development from the scheme protects mobile phone users from being hit with surcharges whilst travelling on a plane or boat.

Phones can automatically connect to satellite based networks resulting in steep charges for people who are unaware their phones have connected to the internet.

The EU has asked that mobile phone operators notify their customers if they connect to a satellite based network and that services are automatically halted should charges reach €50 or another predefined limit.

Emergency 112 number

The new rules also ask that operators make customers more aware of the 112 number that offers access to emergency services across the EU.

So that from June 2023 people will receive a text message when travelling across borders highlighting the emergency number and advising them how they can contact the authorities if in danger.

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