Explosion at Eurenco factory in Bergerac

Factory location in France

AN explosion took place at the Eurenco factory in Bergerac, with the Préfet de la Dordogne saying eight people were injured.

The explosion took place in the early afternoon of 3 August, 2022 with a fire occurring in a storage area, with the most severely injured person being taken by helicopter to Bordeaux hospital.

The others injured were being treated locally and all other personnel were evacuated from the factory.

The cause of the explosion is not yet known but the authorities say the fire was contained and that there was no risk to people in the neighbouring area.

Eurenco is a manufacturer of explosives, propellants and fuels to both the military and civil sector covering oil and gas drilling and mining.

The Eurenco factory is found on the main D660 road into Bergerac, just beyond the busy Creysse shopping centre and about ten minutes away from Bergerac Airport.

Eurenco has its headquarters in Sorgues, south east France, and alongside its factory in Bergerac, it has others in Belgium and Sweden.

The factory in Bergerac is classified as a Seveso facility, which means it falls under strict EU safety requirements due to it being an industrial site that handles dangerous materials.

Update 9 August, 2022: Following an investigation into the explosion by Eurenco, the company says that a flash caused by work on some piping caused the resulting three explosions.

Le parquet, the equivalent of a public prosecutor, of Bergerac is set to undertake its own investigation into the cause of the explosion.

By Craig McGinty

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