Electricity In Your French House – an English guide

RENOVATING a house in France can sometimes leave you up to your elbows in wires, bits of wood and dust.

So the 80 page paperback book, Electricity In Your French House, may prove a helpful distraction when sitting down for a break with a cup of tea.

Written by retired electrical engineer and long time resident of France, Thomas Malcolm, the book provides English speakers an opportunity to learn more about the French electrical system.

Starting with the supply from EDF, you learn more about a typical installation in the home, with tips and advice on offer including the best tools to use.

Fortunately there is a technical glossary in both French and English, and with large colourful graphics throughout the book you could take it in to suppliers and point things out if you are really struggling.

There are a couple of scenarios and typical installations available, including the placement of sockets and what regulations are in place for the inclusion of electrical equipment in bathrooms.

There are details of installing a television and domestic IT system, but if I had my eco hat on, it would have been interesting to find out more about installing solar panels and how that relates to EDF.

Overall though the book will be a handy guide if you are working on an electrical installation, although keeping it clean of dust and grime might be your biggest challenge.

You can buy Electricity In Your French House by Thomas Malcolm on Amazon in France, and if you do I earn a small commission from the sale which helps keep This French Life running smoothly.

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By Craig McGinty

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