Dordogne placed under ‘risque sévère’ for forest fires

Sunshine over Dordogne field

THE Dordogne préfecture has placed the département under a ‘risque sévère’ warning for forest fires, asking people to take real care in the woods of the region.

With little rain over the past few weeks, little forecast in the near future, and with temperatures hovering around 40C, the woods and forests of the Dordogne are very dry.

A small forest fire broke out in the north of the département near Brantôme on 16 July, 2022, whilst two large fires in the neighbouring Gironde has seen 14,000 people evacuated from campsites and properties.

Update 10 August, 2022: Forest fires have broken out in the Dordogne in recent days, but swift action by the pompiers has seen them brought under control.

Now the Dordogne préfecture has announced the ‘risque sévère’ warning saying that the public can still visit wooded areas, but to take extra precautions and calling upon people to be responsible to protect the natural environment.

Restrictions put in place

No fires should be started, including BBQs, and people should not smoke in the woods. Also fireworks are banned, both public and private events.

Flammable materials should not be dumped in wooded areas, plus work and tools that might produce sparks should not be undertaken, whilst any incineration or controlled burning is also banned.

If you are close to the start of a fire call 112 or 18 and provide an exact location.

On the morning of Tuesday 19 July, 2022, many people in the Dordogne have woken to smoke from the fires hanging in the air of the département.

Below is the press release announcing the ‘risque sévère’ warning for the Dordogne.

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Dordogne fires warning

Last Updated on 4 July, 2023.

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