Dordogne reduces forest fire risk warning

Path through Dordogne forest

THE Dordogne préfecture has announced the relaxation of its fire risk severity warning to modérée, from the severe risk level it announced in early August 2022.

The change now means motorised vehicles can access and park in forested areas, previously they were banned from the forests in the afternoon to reduce the risk of accidental fires being started.

The Dordogne authorities have also said that firework displays are now authorised and that agricultural and forest workers can now work normally in wooded areas.

The préfet of the Dordogne took the decision with the support of the pompiers of the SDIS (Service Départemental d’incendie et de Secours) and asked that people still took extreme caution in the forests of the departement.

Dordogne water use restrictions

The Dordogne was not saved from effects of the blistering hot weather France has suffered from in the past few months, with around 50 fires breaking out since the beginning of August.

And despite recent heavy downpours, homeowners across the Dordogne still face water use restrictions, including a ban on topping up swimming pools and washing their cars.

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