Dordogne introduces water restrictions for homeowners

Hose pipe on ground
Hose pipe on ground

July 2023 Update: Dordogne water restrictions 2023

THE Dordogne préfet has tightened water restrictions across the département with a focus on use around the home.

From 10 August and at least until 31 August, 2022, private car owners cannot wash their vehicles, private pools larger than 20m3 cannot be refilled and gardens, lawns or potagers cannot be watered between 8h and 20h

These new rules apply to everyone across the département.

There is a total ban on watering golf courses between 8h and 20h, and the same applies to sports pitches, whilst public fountains that do not recycle the water they use will have to be turned off.

The decision to tighten water restrictions has been taken to ensure that drinking water levels are maintained, as the département and the whole of France struggles with the drought conditions.

Map of Dordogne water restrictions

A new map has also been published by the Dordogne authorities highlighting the areas that are currently under the different levels of restrictions, which is causing problems for many farmers as more of them fall under the higher levels of alert.

Cartographies des restrictions applicables au 12 août 2022_page-0001 (1)

Last Updated on 22 July, 2023.

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