Dordogne steps up ‘risque sévère’ measures for forest fires

Warning over the risk of forest fires

TIGHTER measures have been announced by the Dordogne préfecture with the département remaining under a ‘risque sévère’ warning for forest fires.

Motorised vehicles are not allowed to access tracks through forest areas, or park up on them, between 14h and 22h.

Forestry work and activities are not allowed between 14h and 22h in forests larger than a hectare.

Update 10 August, 2022: A number of forest fires broke out in the Dordogne in the past few days but fortunately the pompiers were able to bring them all under control.

And all fireworks are banned from use within 200 metres of woodland.

Dordogne forests

The risque sévère warning also means that no fires should be started, including BBQs, and people should not smoke in the woods.

A centre has been created to manage surveillance of the woods in the Dordogne and a spotter aircraft will fly over the département to try and locate any outbreaks of fire that take place.

On Wednesday 17 August, 2022, the Dordogne Préfecture announced a relaxation of the warning level for the risk of forest fire in the region.

Last Updated on 1 July, 2023.

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