Preparing for the chestnut harvest – Loubéjac pictures

Chestnuts hang from the tree
MANY people across this corner of the Dordogne are preparing for the chestnut harvest at this time of the year, with the initial work involving the laying of nets beneath the trees.

Netting beneath the chestnut trees
Tractors trundle along the forest paths, laden with large sections of netting, these are then rolled out across the ground and stretched beneath the chestnut trees.

Chestnuts have fallen onto the netting
As the chestnuts begin to open in the coming days they will fall onto the netting, making their collection a little easier.

Some chestnuts have already escaped their spiky shells, but soon enough many, many more will be scattered across the netting, awaiting their harvest.

Then a large vacuum machine will be used to collect the chestnuts, although some will be collected by hand with hunched figures making slow progress beneath the trees.

By Craig McGinty

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