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IF you are looking forward to the new year and are keen to offer your time to a charity in France then here are a few to explore.

There is a mix of both French and English groups, and if you are a member of an association please feel free to add contact details via the comment form below:

Chats du Quercy
Chats du Quercy approach cat welfare holistically and execute their work with excellence, offering the chance to adopt cats and kittens with help and support also available.

Equine Rescue France
Rescuing equines in France and campaigning for welfare improvements.

Phœnix Association
Offer a network of foster homes to abused, abandoned and unwanted animals, and offer them for adoption where possible.

L’Europe Des Lévriers
French association that helps rescue greyhounds and other dogs from Spain.

Les Amis des Chats
Looking after cats and kittens seeking new homes and those unlikely ever to be adopted but who can be sponsored.

Helps young artists gain an audience but also involves local businesses in sponsoring and promoting events.

Chaplaincy of Aquitaine
Worship in a dozen churches spread across an area the size of Wales across the south of Aquitaine.

Ark Pastoral Care
Assist English communities of the Var in areas of Pastoral care where there may be need of compassionate help and personal support

Cancer Support France
Offer support in France whether it is linguistic, emotional or practical.

Secours Populaire
Is involved in the support of disadvantaged children and poorer families.

Restos du Cœur
Collect food, money, books, toys and clothes for the needy and the homeless.

SOS Help
English language telephone number offering a listening service for people needing to work out problems.

You can also find more dog and cat adoption centres here.

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  1. Hi Raendra, thanks for your message but I’d just click through on some of the links above and explore the websites of the different charities, then contact them direct.
    All the best, Craig

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