Dordogne water restrictions 2023

Hosepipe restrictions

THE Dordogne préfet has introduced water use restrictions for homeowners in order to protect the supply of drinking water.

The use of a hose for washing your car is banned, although you can use car wash machines as they recycle the water used.

Restrictions are also in place for watering gardens and vegetable patches, it is authorised to do so only in the morning up until 13h.

However, watering lawns and grass areas between 8h and 20h is not allowed.

Topping up your swimming pool is allowed, but doing a complete drainage and then filling your pool back up is not allowed.

Map of Dordogne water restrictions

A new map has also been published by the Dordogne authorities highlighting the areas that are currently under different levels of restrictions, your local mairie will be able to provide detailed information on restrictions.

Dordogne water restrictions

The Dordogne has moved to an alerte level, which brings in measures targeting the use of drinking water, whereas farmers have already faced restrictions.

The first level is vigilance, or warning, and this means you should be aware of your water use and try to conserve and not waste any water.

The alerte level is the second stage, with the authorities able to bring in alerte renforcée and then a final level of crise which places an emphasis on ensuring drinking water is available to all residents.

The Dordogne préfet said it has been forced to bring in the new measures as water levels are down 20% due to a dry winter and spring.

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They have also said that measures will be put in place to ensure the new restrictions are adhered to – but are urging people, and visiting tourists, to be aware of their water use.

Last Updated on 10 August, 2023.

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