Map of water restrictions in the Dordogne

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THE Dordogne préfecture has published a map highlighting the areas across the region that face water restrictions, as concern grows about water levels across France.

Update 10 August, 2022: Tighter water restrictions have been introduced by the Dordogne authorities, with more being asked of homeowners.

The Dordogne authorities have said that new restrictions are in force from Friday 5 August, 2022, with river levels continuing to fall especially smaller rivers and streams in the département.

Map of water restrictions in the Dordogne
Water levels are low due to the lack of rain in recent weeks, with little sign of improvement in the coming week.

The current water levels are similar to that in 2019, but a month in advance, with fears that the situation could continue into autumn.

At the bottom of the page is the full press release from the Dordogne préfecture.

If you find yourself in the highest level of crise which places an emphasis on ensuring drinking water is available then your first port of call should be your mairie to see what restrictions are in place for your local area.

Overall though with many areas of the Dordogne facing high temperatures and little rain, then being water wise and reducing your use is the way forward, and again visiting your mairie for the latest information.

Water restrictions map for France

The French government has stepped up its measures to help areas across the country who face water shortages, as the drought continues to bite.

An online map of water restrictions is available that lets you find out what level of alert you fall under.

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With the month of July in France being the driest on record since March 1961, some villages are having water brought in, farmers are having to reduce or cut completely irrigation of their plants and French nuclear power plants are reducing their output due to cooling water levels being low.

Last Updated on 9 July, 2023.

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