Water use restrictions remain for Dordogne homeowners

Dry ground in Dordogne countryside

THE Dordogne authorities have said that the current water use restrictions will remain in place, with little sign of improvement in the near future.

Update October 2022 – The Dordogne authorities have said that from 1 October the restrictions on domestic use will be lifted.

Rainfall levels have been low across the region with Bergerac seeing 27 mm of rainfall since the beginning of September, and Terrasson just 3 mm.

The agricultural sector still faces restrictions, and homeowners are also being asked to do their bit, with the current measures ensuring that water supply is being maintained.

But all homeowners in the Dordogne are being asked to continue to be aware of their water use, with a ban on private car owners washing their vehicles remaining in place.

Other restrictions in place cover private pools that cannot be refilled if larger than 20m3 and gardens, lawns or potagers cannot be watered between 8h and 20h.

Map of Dordogne water use restrictions

Map of Dordogne water use restrictions
There are four different levels of alert covering water use, your local mairie should be your first port of call if you are keen to find out the latest information.

Last Updated on 28 June, 2023.

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