EcoWatt service tracks electricity use in France

EcoWatt website shows electricity use

EXPECT to see mention of the EcoWatt service over the coming months as France looks to reduce its energy use this winter.

EcoWatt describes itself as a weather forecast for electricity use across France, providing an alert service should the supply come under stress.

The service was created by le Réseau de Transport d’Electricité, RTE, and has three levels of use to advise people and businesses to cut their consumption if possible.

Three levels of electricity use

Normal levels of consumption are currently in place in early October, but as winter approaches we may see the next step up which is ‘strained’ and people are urged to cut their energy use.

The third and final level is ‘very strained’ and EcoWatt warns that power cuts are very likely unless cuts in energy consumption are taken quickly.

The service offers a four day forecast and it is possible to receive updates and warnings via text messages and email if you register with the website.

The French government is currently urging homeowners and businesses to reduce their electricity use by turning down heating levels, using high energy use equipment during quiet times and turning off lights.

If you have questions about your electricity bill, or want to discuss changes to the tariff you are on, then an English language service is available from EDF.

And if you want to check the water quality coming out of your tap in France, then an online service is available for you to look over.

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